Freezing Fun For Families

The Mission of Freezing Fun For Families is to Alleviate Stress and Financial Hardship for Vermont Families Battling Childhood Cancer

Ashton B. |Waterbury, VT

The Jackson Family | Lowell, VT

Registration is now open for Snow Softball 2023!

For the first time in Freezing Fun For Families history we are able to help five - That's Right - five families through our Snow Softball Beneficiary Program. Click the link below to register your team and start fundraising so that we can help more families like:
- Ashton B. | 2 years old | Neurobalstoma | Waterbury, VT

- Marcus B. | 10 years old | Osteosarcoma | Williamstown, VT

- Xavier H. | 8 years old | Lymphoblastic Lymphoma | Windsor, VT

- The Jackson Family|3 years old | Ovarian Cancer | Lowell, VT

- Kevin W. |  15 years old | Intercranial Germinoma | Morrisville, VT

Join us on March 3-5, 2023 at the Barre Town Recreation Fields as we raise some "Dough in the Snow" for Vermont families battling childhood cancer.