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Freezing Fun For Families
The mission of Freezing Fun For Families is to help alleviate stress and financial hardships for  families battling childhood cancer.

Corporate Contributors

Individual Contributors

Michael Bancroft
Cris Benoit
Steven Beattie
John Black
Alicia Browning
Kevin Browning
Nancy Browning
Mark Browning
Pamela Bussiere
Joseph Calcagni
Sarah Child
Ethan Cody
Richard Gariboldi
David Grebe
Jenna Howard
Michael Hughart
Daniel Huskes
Taylor Kilburn
Seth King
Ryan Knapp
Ryan LaCroix

Tammy Lawrey
Thomas MacLeod
Phil Manuel
Josh Magnan
Paul Magnan
Quinn McDonagh
Jack Miceli
James Mitiguy
Timothy Monty
Mark Montminy
Reta Sanders
David Sterrett
Donald Sterrett
Brooke Stone
Matthew Swenson
Dave Thurber
Corey Touchette
Ethan Touchette
Jack Touchette
Noah Touchette
Riley Touchette

From July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020, your support has allowed us to provide much needed financial support to 7 Vermont families that are battling childhood cancer. $20,000 to 2 families through our snow softball beneficiary program, $1,000 to 4 families through our Konner Drury program, and $2,500 to 1 family through our, new in 2020, Board of Directors Award. Your support has also allowed us to move in the direction of sustainability, with the goal of making all of our programs available forever.  

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