Mission Statement

The mission of Freezing Fun For Families is to help alleviate stress and financial 
hardships for Vermont families with a child battling cancer.

What an amazing weekend!

thank you to all that participated, and to all of our generous sponsors.

with your support, Freezing Fun for families was not only able to give $10,000 to the family of stella best and the family of mason wedge, but we were able to provide mason with a lifetime hunting and fishing license and a prom dress to stella best.  we were  also able to make a contribution to our konner drury fund.

mark your calendars! march 1-3, 2019 we will celebrate our 20th year helping vermont families with children battling childhood cancer. 


16 year old Stella Best. Montpelier,VT
          5 year old Mason Wedge. Brandon, VT