2018 Snow Softball Beneficiaries

Meet Stella Best. Stella is 16 years old and in February of 2017 was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, are rare form of Sarcoma, with roughly 100 diagnosed cases per year. Since February, Stella has undergone radiation, chemotherapy and surgery for a tumor on her calf, and most recently treatment for a tumor on her lung. Stella lives in Montpelier with her Mom, Vini, and their dog, Lark.  Stella attends school part-time at Montpelier High-School and enjoys art, cosmetology, film, activism, singing, and all aspects of theater.  
After high school, Stella would like to peruse a license in cosmetology and work with Transgender people and folks with Chronic Illness to help them feel "their most beautiful selves."
Meet Mason Wedge. Mason is 5 years old and in May of 2017 was diagnosed with acute bone marrow failure. As if that wasn't enough, Mason also lost his father in April of 2017. Mason and his mom Jennifer are currently staying with family in Brandon,VT as Mason does his weekly treatments in Burlington in preparation for an upcoming bone marrow transplant in Boston. Now a single parent, Jennifer is no longer able to work as Mason continues treatment in preparation of his upcoming bone marrow transplant.